Developing International Connections

International experiences that matter

Brenau’s EWMBA instills global citizenship and universally marketable skills by exposing students to different industry trends, regional perspectives and business leaders across the world. Cohorts not only build connections with successful women around the globe, they learn side-by-side with international classmates. As a part of our residency program, cohorts travel to New York City, Atlanta and an international destination. These valuable experiences open unique opportunities for expansion and growth beyond borders.

Build lasting relationships with a diverse group of women

The EWMBA strives to build diverse cohorts because we know the advantages of being surrounded and supported by women of different industries and walks of life. Our program taps into each student’s individual strengths, and uses those strengths to create a learning environment that inspires and elevates. Amazing things happen when a group of driven women join forces, and the success of our cohorts is a testimony to that.

Meet some of our International Thought Leaders

One-third of our Thought Leaders in the Speaker Series have international backgrounds, offering meaningful perspectives into other industries, marketplaces and cultures.

Ranmu Xue

Ranmu “Maggie” Xue

Founder and CEO of Us Two Tea, Inc. 

Ivanna Molina Peña

Ivanna Molina Peña

Human rights lawyer,
Associate Protection Officer UNHCR Somalia
Dominican Republic

Iben Bolund Nielsen

Iben Bolund Nielsen

Sustainability professional,
Senior manager for Circular Business Models for the LEGO Group

Daniela Sena

Danela Sena

Founder of SheUP

Jeya Ibrahim-Lecomte

Jeya Ibrahim-Lecomte

Co-founder of M-Concepts